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IELTS is an English learning course that will improve your vocabulary in English language. You will learn how to process information while reading and listening and extract what is required. You will increase your knowledge in problem solving and paragraph mapping. Your speaking skills will be also enhanced and you will develop a rich vocabulary. Most colleges would require a candidate from a non-native english speaking country to undergo the test and attain the stipulated scores in each of the sections of IELTS to be granted admission.
IELTS classes has four parts: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Our educator ensure each of these sections are given the due importance and the candidates expertise is drastically increased to meet the requirements of the career.


The listerning section will instill listening skills, especially in listening in academic situation as well as listening is social situations


The reading section improves the ability to understand academic magazines, journals, textbooks and newspapers etc and to draw conclusions and arguments for the same.


The candidates are trained in writing skills, both formal and informal. Also, presenting information from diagrams, texts and tables as well as presenting arguments and discussing problems are also covered.


This section cover speaking skills such as pronunciation, fluency and appropriate. The candidates are trained in explaining or describing about various topics that are usually asked in these tests.

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